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ABS Wind Industry Division

ABS Wind is a full service company specialized in the Power Transmission System. Since 1999, we have been engineering and repairing the major components of the power transmission systems for the Wind Industry. We are globally recognized for our ability to analyze and understand our customers’ problems and offer reliable, cost-effective solutions and personalized service. Our strengths rely heavily on our field experience, equipment performance feedback knowledge, application engineering know-how as well as design, testing, manufacturing and distribution experience.


Engineering Quality Control  Services
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Engineering CAD Modeling(using Pro/Engineer, Solidworks)
  • FEM analysis (Using COSMOS)
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
  • Gears and shafts design
  • (Using KISS Soft)
  • Detail and Assembly Drawings
  • Detail Assembly and Design
  • Concept Animations.
  • Root cause analysis services for dynamic parts.
  • Vibration measurement of overall dynamic machine condition(Using Swantech technology)
  • Vision System and optical comparators.
  • Microscopes.
  • Special Gages/Fixtures.
  • Non destructive testing services (Hardness, surface roughness, measurement of Surface Form, waviness in both 2D and 3D, friction coefficient determination, roundness, etc. in our own lab.)



  • Vibration measurement of overall dynamic machine condition.
  • Detector III FIS
  • Boroscope Inspection Analy-sis.Olympus. IPLEX Ultralite.
  • Contamination Analysis Sen-sors Hydac CS1000
  • Consumables Parts Custom kits
  • Small and Large Preventive and Corrective Materials
  • Re-engineering Design
  • Repair and Enhancement of major components.